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El Gouna

El Gouna is a well known kite spot almost all year long.

The constant winds and mostly shallow water give you the best conditions to learn kiteboarding with.

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Why El Gouna is good for kiting?

El Gouna is an excellent location for kiting for several reasons. Firstly, the spot is characterized by consistent winds, providing reliable conditions for kiteboarding enthusiasts. Additionally, the predominantly shallow waters in the area make it an ideal setting for both beginners and experienced riders. This combination of factors contributes to El Gouna's reputation as a prime destination for those looking to enjoy and improve their kiteboarding skills.

When is the best time for kiting in El Gouna?

El Gouna is renowned for its consistent wind conditions, making it a fantastic destination for kiteboarding. The primary wind season in El Gouna typically from mid March to November. We prefer to go to Egypt in mid season, before or after season in Greece, in Rhodes, in the end of september or beginning of april.

Kite spot el gouna, kiting in el gouna.
Верблюд и пирамиды

What do i need to know before to come to Egypt?

First of all you will need to get your visa on arrival in the airport.

Money exchange can be done in the ATM's, there is one right in the airport at the baggage sector.


How do i get to my hotel/apartment/kite spot?

There are a few options such as: private transfer (let us know we will help to arrange for you), taxi (local/uber).


What should i bring to Egypt to do kiting?

Firstly we recommend you to take a waterproof sunscreen for your skin,

secondly don't forget to take a hat or cap to protect your head from a sun heat, thirdly if you are arriving to Egypt in March-April, October-November you will need to take a wetsuit with you as the water gets colder. Also take a neoprene shoes with you as the bottom of the Red Sea contains corals, shells etc.

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I don't have a wetsuit, what can i do?

We can help you to find a right wetsuit for you almost anywhere in the world, just send us a request.

If you are not willing to buy a wetsuit yet we will help you to rent it out on the beach.

Keep in mind!

A wetsuit is a personal piece of equipment that conforms to an individual's body shape and size. It's important to understand that sharing wetsuits is not hygienic due to the close contact with the wearer's skin.

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